5 Facts About Sound That Will Blow Out Your Ears

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Here are 5 cool facts about sound:
1) The loud noise you create by cracking a whip occurs because the tip is moving so fast it breaks the speed of sound!
2) Dogs can hear sound at a higher frequency than humans, allowing them to hear noises that we can’t. (Did somebody said that there might be different being all around us that we are not aware of?! SShhhiiittt)
3) When a sound wave reaches a person’s body, it reflects off of the person’s head, shoulders, and the curved surface of the outer ear. When reflecting waves bounce more than once or interfere with other waves before reaching the tympanic membrane, it causes changes in the volume or quality. Such occurrences are called head-related transfer functions.
4) All different frequencies that the human ear can hear played at once, form the sound…. OOOMMMMMMMMMM. This sound is referred to as the “sound of creation”.
5) 2 different sound frequencies played at once through headphones, each in different ear causes the brain wave frequency to align with the difference between the two. For example, a continual 400mhz frequency in your right ear and 410mhz in your left ear, will cause the brain wave frequency to align to 10mhz. This brain wave frequency is referred to as “Gamma frequency” and is common only in deep sleep or deep meditation. This form of brain wave stimulation through sound is called binaural beats, and you can find it in YouTube.